Container a has 200 L and it's being filled at a rate of 6 liters per minute. Container b has 500 L of water, and is being drained at 6 Liters per minute how many minutes(m) will it take for the two containers to have the same amount of water

Accepted Solution

Answer:25 minutes.Step-by-step explanation:Container A: 200 L. Filled 6 liters per minute.Container B: 500 L. Drained 6 liters per minute.So, as you can see, filled means sum and drained mean subtract. Since that time is the magnitude we need to find, that will be are variable X.Container A will have this expression: 200 + 6XContainer B will have this expression: 500 - 6XAs you can see, six is multiplying the time, because it represents the velocity of the water (liters per minute).Therefore, the question ask to calculate the time when containers are equal, so we do so with expressions:200 + 6X = 500 - 6X; Setting variables to the same site of the equality6X + 6X = 500 - 20012X = 300[tex]x = \frac{300}{12}\\ x = 25[/tex]This means that passed 25 minutes, containers will have the same amount of liters, let's check:With a rate of 6 liters per minutes, after 25 minutes we'll have 6 x 25 = 150.If we add 150 to the 200, and we subtract 150 from the 500, both are gonna result 350.