(Financial Algebra workbook 10-3)Under his "Household expenses" Budget category, Mark has allocated $60 per month for pet food. He can purchase "wet food" for $1.50 per can or "dry food" for $3 per bag.D.) Name a combination of bags and cabs that will allow him to meet his budget exactly.

Accepted Solution

A possible answer to this question is 10 cans of "wet food" and 15 bags of "dry food". 10 cans of wet food make $1.50 * 10 = $15 and 15 bags of dry food make $3.00 * 15 = $45. $45 + $15 = $60.
We can find answers by creating this equation.
                                        $1.50c + $3.00b = $60
where c and b represent the number of "wet food" cans and "dry food" bags, respectively. We can easily substitute numbers and solve for the other quantity that will satisfy the condition of total cost adding up to $60.