Hexagon IJKLMN is shown on the coordinate plane below:Hexagon IJKLMN on a coordinate plane with ordered pairs at I negative two, six, at J four, four, at K six, negative one at, L negative one, two, at M negative four, negative four, at N negative six, twoIf hexagon IJKLMN is dilated by a scale factor of two fifths from the origin to create hexagon I'J'K'L'M'N', what is the ordered pair of point L'? (−0.4, 0.8) (−5, 15) (−0.8, 2.4) (−2.5, 5)

Accepted Solution

Answer:(-0.4,0.8)Step-by-step explanation:Dilation is a form of transformation in which the figure is either stretched or shrunk by a scaling factor.If scaling factor >1 then figure is dilatedif scaling factor<1 and >0 then figure is shrunknow in given case scaling factor = 2/5and center of dilation is origin hence new ordered pair of point L will be(-1(2/5),2(2/5))=(-2/5,4/5)=(-0.4,0.8) !