The function f(x) = 40x + 8 represents the amount of money Makayla earns reupholstering furniture. The function g(x) = 3x βˆ’ 4 represents her upfront costs. Find (f – g)(4) to determine how much profit she will make from four pieces of furniture. $168 $21 $160 $8

Accepted Solution

She will make $160 of profit from four pieces of furnitureStep-by-step explanation:given functions are:[tex]f(x) = 40x + 8\\g(x) = 3x-4[/tex]we have to find (f-g)(x) firstSo,[tex](f-g)(x) = f(x)-g(x)\\=40x+8-(3x-4)\\=40x+8-3x+4\\=37x+12[/tex]In order to determine the amount of profit, we have to put x=4 in the result.So,[tex](f-g)(4)=37(4)+12\\=148+12\\=160[/tex]She will make $160 of profit from four pieces of furnitureKeywords: Functions, OperationsLearn more about functions at:brainly.com/question/4054269brainly.com/question/4163549#LearnwithBrainly