Two angles of a triangle have the same measure and the third one is 33 degrees greater than the measure of each other two. Fine the measure of the largest angle in the triangle. Answer: The largest angle has a measure of _____ degrees?

Accepted Solution

ill try my best Add the two angles you already know (for example, 50 and 45), then, with the sum of the two angles (95), subtract it from 180 (180-95) and there's your answer. How do I find the third angle of a triangle if the two known angles are 35 and 40?The measure of any exterior angle of a triangle is equal to the sum of the measures of its two interior opposite angles. The sum of the three angles of a triangle is 180Β°. ... The sum of the lengths of any two sides of a triangle is always greater than the length of the third side.all i got (: